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Wood Watch Box

high quality wood watch box,multi cells,wood,organizer ,display box

Model: WB2020031518319
Material: High-density wood fiberboard, flannelSize: 23*16*15cm,suitable for the largest dial diameter of 5.8 cmWeight: 0.83kg=================================..
$15.00 $30.00
Ex Tax:$15.00
Model: BX20200102122547
Material: Wooden paintsize: 20*12*8.5cmweight:0.9kg=================..
$16.00 $32.00
Ex Tax:$16.00
Model: WB20200315162046
Material: Solid wood laminate, glass skylight, pearl flannelSize: 34*11.2*7.7cmWeight: 0.885kgThe maximum storage 60MM dial watches===========================..
$17.00 $34.00
Ex Tax:$17.00
Model: WB2020031514178
Material: Ash wood veneer,Solid wood laminate, glass skylight, pearl flannelSize: 30*12*8.3cmWeight: 0.865kgThe maximum storage 55MM dial watches=================================..
$27.00 $54.00
Ex Tax:$27.00
Model: WB20200315204139
Material: Australian Red Cherry Pure Wood, flannelSize: 30*12.5*10cmWeight: 1kg==================..
$44.00 $88.00
Ex Tax:$44.00
Model: WB2020031518946
Material: High-density wood fiberboard, flannelSize: 34*11.2*7.7cmWeight: 0.9kg=======================..
$17.00 $34.00
Ex Tax:$17.00
5 Slots Pieces High Quality Ash Wooden Watch Case Jewelry Storage Organizer Display Box
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Model: BX2020010721846
Material: Ash wood, Acid-free brown microfiber clothSize: 29.8 * 20.5 * 10.5cmweight:  about 1.6kg==========================..
$36.00 $72.00
Ex Tax:$36.00
Model: WB20200315215610
Material: Ash veneer, high-density fiberboardSize: 30*12*8.5cmWeight: 0.9kgThe maximum storage 55MM dial watches=========================..
$30.00 $62.00
Ex Tax:$30.00
Model: WB20191217195510
material: birch woodsize: 29.5*10*9.5cm==============..
$21.00 $42.00
Ex Tax:$21.00
Model: WB20191217203219
material: white Ash solid wood,flannelsize: 32*12.2*10.5cm======================..
$54.00 $108.00
Ex Tax:$54.00
Model: WB20201208133731
Material:  black walnut wood, microfiber Size: 308 * 124 * 85mm(5 grids),308 * 244 * 85mm(10 grids) Weight: 0.85kg(5 grids) / 1.4kg(10 grids) Process: Nitro paint base, wood wax oil surface Fillet tenon, quality craftsmanship 95 degree opening and closing, opening and hovering, easy to wea..
$90.00 $180.00
Ex Tax:$90.00
Model: BX2020010215364
Material: Wooden, flannelSize: 5 slots: 36.5*12*8.5cm6 slots: 31*12*8.5cm================..
$20.00 $40.00
Ex Tax:$20.00
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