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Jewelry Box

Buying jewelry is an investment. In addition, the money people spend on these jewelry is not a joke, especially if these jewelry are high-end brands and have very expensive gemstones embedded in them. For this reason alone, you must protect them from scratching, oxidizing, and so on.

    This jewelry box can not only store your jewelry collection, but also have the symbolic meaning of the choices you make in life.

    The box is not just a piece of jewellery, but a memorial. Jewelry boxes are more like a safe place for jewellery, which can hold them and protect them. Obviously, it's very convenient to easily find jewelry when you need it.

Model: BX20200103164141
material:  ostrich pattern PU leather size: 1 grid: 190*79*75mm,201g 2 grids: 185*130*78mm,276g 3 grids: 185*183*78mm,350g..
$30.00 $60.00
Ex Tax:$30.00
Model: GB20230717154653
Product material: density board, carbon fiber pu, hardware, glass Product size: 33.5*19*22.5cm Weight: 2840gApplicable: counters, glasses stores, home, holiday gifts, display storage..
$26.00 $52.00
Ex Tax:$26.00
Model: GB20210922105015
Black and white two-color stitching, simple designPU leather surface, comfortable hand feelingMagnet adsorption, tight closing, convenient opening and closing, strong and durablePlus velvet lining, soft and no lint, better protection of glasses and avoid scratchesMaterial: PU leather,Flannel innerSi..
$9.00 $18.00
Ex Tax:$9.00
24 Grids Large Rosewood Grain Sunglasses Glasses Storage Counter Display Organizer Tray
New -50 %
Model: JS20230821172623
Material: wood,flannel Siz: 69.4*40*3CM Weight: 1.2kg Exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite workmanship in details Suede bottom, delicate and non-slip..
$18.00 $36.00
Ex Tax:$18.00
5 Slots Pieces High Quality Ash Wooden Watch Case Jewelry Storage Organizer Display Box
Online Only -50 %
Model: BX2020010721846
Material: Ash wood, Acid-free brown microfiber clothSize: 29.8 * 20.5 * 10.5cmweight:  about 1.6kg==========================..
$36.00 $72.00
Ex Tax:$36.00
Model: GB20191221212114
material: wood,Environmental protection acid-free brown microfiber flannelsize: 35*22*7.8cmweight: about 1.5kg=================..
$27.00 $54.00
Ex Tax:$27.00
6/12/24/30 Grids Green PU Leather Watch Jewelry Case Storage Organizer Counter Display Tray
New -50 %
Model: WT20230821153625
Material: high density board, PU leather, flannelette Size: 33*11*4.5CM(6 grids),34.2*21*4.5CM(12 grids),40*34.5*4.5CM(24 grids),49.3*34.5*4.5CM(30 grids) Integrated simple design, more atmospheric Large-capacity design, watches and bracelets can be placed delicate suede watch pillow, to avoid w..
$9.00 $18.00
Ex Tax:$9.00
7/12/18/24 Grids Walnut Wood Grain Glasses Sunglasses Bracelet Jewelry Case Storage Display Tray
New -48 %
Model: JS20230821162330
Material: wood,PU leather Size: 53.5*19.5*4.7CM(7 Grids),46.2*37.3*4.7CM(12 Grids),55*46.5*4.7CM(18 Grids),72.3*46.5*4.7CM(24 Grids) Integrated design, simple structure Glasses, watches, bracelets can be placed on display The inner compartment is made of PU material, soft and safe..
$17.00 $33.00
Ex Tax:$17.00
Model: BX20210819172837
Product size: 355*265*80MMMaterial quality: black walnut solid wood leather / MDF / hardware lock / PU..
$20.00 $40.00
Ex Tax:$20.00
Black Walnut Grain Dustproo Cover Jewelry Case Bracelet Ring Earrings Necklace Storage Display Box
New -50 %
Model: JS20230822111949
Material: wood,flannel size: 36*25*5CM simple design Place it as you like, rings, earrings and other jewelry can be placed safety lock..
$11.00 $22.00
Ex Tax:$11.00
Model: WB20211018153935
Material: PU leather surface,Flocking cloth liningSize: 23*17.5*8cmBeautiful pearl edging design, hand pasted, meticulous workmanshipHand-embroidered lotus flower, delicate and unique, full of feminine eleganceHigh-quality selection of materials, PU leather surface printing, flocking cloth liningEle..
$25.00 $50.00
Ex Tax:$25.00
Model: WB2021101816834
Material: PU leather, Flocking cloth liningSize: 23.5*17*8CM(S1-S9),21.5*15*7CM(S10-S12),18*18*7CM(S13-S14)..
$31.00 $62.00
Ex Tax:$31.00
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