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High-quality professional tools for watch repair and handmade, such as strap punching, watch opening cover, etc.

Model: WT2021070910010
【HIGH QUALITY】High quality and professional watch repair tool kit, solutions for most watch repair requirements. Watch band link remover for strap adjustment and replacement, silver metal tweezers for removing and inserting batteries, anti-magnetic screwdrivers for removing battery covers, and other..
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Model: WT2021070922249
Features: 1. Keeps the mechanical watch running when don't wear it.2. 4 rotation each minute, keeps the movement in a reasonable state of wind, neither wear too much, nor run out of power and stop.3. Noise-free during operation, no impact on the environment.4. Exquisite workmanship and convenie..
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Model: WT202107099160
Feature:1. Including watch hand plunger, fitting tool and watch movement holder.2. Professional equipment, with a plastic head, no traces left when operate.3. Reasonable and precision designs, no scratches and damage for watch.4. Suitable for watchmakers and watch repairing workers to use.5. Made of..
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Model: WT2021070921315
WATCHMAKER REPAIR TOOL: Including 12 chucks to match with different watch cases,2 pairs of vice block to hold the watch at the lugs, size range from 6mm to 22mmWATCH BACK OPENER: This is the standard version with maximum chuck opening, this 5700 bench watch case opener is used for screw-in waterproo..
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Model: WT20210709151253
Premium Quality Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic material, our watch case opener is well-structured and 100% Brand New.It is the most effective solution for watch case opening.Super Easy to Adjust and Use: Adjustable jaw distance from 11 mm to 56 mm which can fit different size watches. The t..
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Model: WT20210708161912
【Size】:100mm*120mm*200mm【Weight】 : about 1.65kg【Precision Control】: This tool applies pressure by tightening the top handle, which means you can fully control the pressure used, and you can use enough pressure to install the crystal or the back of the case. Precise force control allows you to work b..
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Model: WT2020121916171
Brand: Fan DeerMaterial: DC53 high-quality steel7mm center spacingThe punch is made of DC53 high-quality steel, with a sharp edge, easy punching and smooth punching, suitable for professional hand-made strap punching.**Friendly reminder: Use a stable stone beating table and cutting board with a thic..
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Model: WST20210722155920
Using high-quality high-speed steel, the cutting edge is finely ground through multiple processes, sharp and durable, and long-lastingCommon tools for making watch straps and beltsEach style has 10 sizes(15mm,18mm,20mm,25mm,28mm,30mm,32mm,35mm,38mm,40mm)..
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Model: WST20210723155233
include 13 tool accessories1. Leather needle2. Beeswax3. Natural flat wax thread4. Black flat wax thread5. Dark brown flat wax thread6. Copper ring nails7. Double gourd handle awl8. Awl with hook9. Double gourd handle awl with eye10. Awl11. Scribing wheel with plastic handle12. Scribing wheel with b..
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Model: WST20210722174039
Material: high quality steelSpecification: 9 holes (0.8mm-3.5mm)Weight: about 200gPurpose: hole punching, strap punching, etc.Double-open chip flute design, easy to remove large debris, more convenient to useForged with high-quality steel, heat-treated as a whole, the cutting edge is sharp, high in ..
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Model: WST2021072313049
Material: carbon steelSpecifications: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm35mm, 40mm, 45mmPurpose: Tailoring of belts, leather handbags, shoulder straps, etc.Maintenance method: put in a dry place, avoid moisture, wipe clean with a dry cloth after useThere is a small amount of oil stains in the die-casting ..
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Model: WST2021072217716
High-quality steel,the cutting edge is finely ground through multiple processes, sharp and durablelength:115mm,punch round hole 1mm,punch length 10mmone sets include (2/4/6 holes)..
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